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The "Calendar" menu item is one of the key links to access weekly Torah reading and Shabbat information. Clicking on this item brings up a monthly calendar, initially showing the current month. Jewish holidays are represented and there are links on each Shabbat for parasha (Torah and Haftarah) information. This is not a complete calendar of events. For events at Beth Shalom, please go to the Main CBS Site.

At the bottom of the Calendar page there are buttons for "Previous Month" and "Next Month" (self-explanatory). One can also input the month of their choice. Note that one also the choice of the format of the calendar (as atable, small table, or text).

The links within the Calendar access a database with information for each Shabbat (the "Torah Reading and Davening Luach").

The page is displayed with the following information:
DateThe Gregorian date for the beginning and ending of the week for the parasha. The week always ends on the Shabbat morning when the parasha is read.
ParashaThe name of the parasha for the week. Clicking on this link brings one to a page with detailed information, including sound files, for the parasha. For more information on this item, click here.
Parasha SummariesYou can get a summary, in English, of the parasha by clicking on this item. A page will appear which requests the name of the parasha. Alternatively, you can get a printout of all summaries of the 54 parashiyyot.
OccasionsSpecial liturgical occasions for the week or the Shabbat, such as b'nei mitzvah, Rosh Chodesh, Taanit tzibbur, are listed here.
ReadingsShabbat mincha, Monday, and Thursday morning readers are identified here. There are 3 names (3 aliyot) for each day.
Shabbat GabbayimThere are always 2 gabbayim identified for the Shabbat morning Torah service; the first gabbai is the "speaking" gabbai. There is also a link to the "USCJ Luach" which allows one to view the liturgical directions for the appropriate month.
Readings-ShabbatIf active, the "Readings" link allows one to access the database of Torah readers and service leaders. The list of Torah readers for the main service follows, by aliyah, with "M" being the maftir.(Note: these are not necessarily the people receiving the honor of the aliyah.)
Shabbat HaftarahThe reader for the haftarah.
DaveningThe "davening" section identifies special prayers or particular prayer leaders for the various section of the Shabbat service.