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The "Parashiyyot" menu item is the main access point for Torah, Haftarah, and Megillot readings. There are two parts to this page. The first part contains links to...

Torah Readings (listed by parasha) (this is the second part of the page)
Parasha SummariesYou can get a summary, in English, of the parasha by clicking on this item. A page will appear which requests the name of the parasha. Alternatively, you can get a printout of all summaries of the 54 parashiyyot.
Full Masoretic textA link to Mechon-Mamre with full text, by parasha, with mouse-over vocalization. The site is in Hebrew.
Trope Tutorial (Powerpoint on the Internet) A link to a tutorial on the different trope systems
Torah and Haftarah sound files and musical notation Tropes by combination, with sound files
Megillot Full text and sound files for the 5 megillot
High Holy Days Text, sound files, and reading assignments for the High Holy Days, 5770
Rosh Chodesh Text, sound files for Torah and Haftarah for Rosh Chodesh
Chagim Text and sound files for some (not all) chagim

The second part of the "Parashiyyot" menu item contains links to all of the parashiyyot of the Torah. Each parasha has a unique page which contains the following information:

Torah PortionThe biblical citation for the full (annual) portion and a link to the JPS English translation from the JTS website
Year 1, 2, 3 TextsThese are links to files, in pdf format, for the parasha divided into the triennial. Each file is a "tikkun-like" format, with one column representing the parasha in Hebrew with tropes and vowels, and the other column without tropes or vowels. The text is also divided into the 7 aliyot plus maftir for the triennial cycle.
Chart of AliyotThe chart of aliyot contains the parasha divided in 4 ways: as a Full Kriyah, Triennial Year 1, Triennial Year 2, Triennial Year 3. For Each aliyah in the triennial breakdown, there are 2 links - one goes to the site "Navigating the Bible" and the other contains an mp3 sound file. The sound file is a recording of the aliyah by Hazzan Menes.
HaftarahThe haftarah for the parasha is cited, with a link to the JPS English translation, and a link to the sound file (mp3) recorded by Hazzan Menes.