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Tutorials for Torah Reading

The "Tutorials" menu item is the main access point for learning the trope for Torah, Haftarah, and Megillot. The "Trope Systems Powerpoint Tutorial" is a series of slides, prepared using MS Powerpoint, which present the trope symbols in combination for each of the 6 types of cantillation (Shabbat, Haftarah, High Holy Days, Festivals, Esther, and Lamentations). 11 trope combinations are used. There is also a chart which enables one to compare melodies for each combination and for each occasion.

There is a section on the page for Torah Trope and a section for Haftarah Trope. In each section, 11 trope combinations are presented; the Hebrew words are the names of the trope symbols which appear above or below. A sound file with the chanting of the trope combination will be played by clicking on the text.